March of the Gnomes

Sometimes it takes a noob. Alexis joins a struggling Gnome race in a Virtual online game called ArcOn. As a complete newbie in gaming she has a rather unorthodox approaches to encounters that normal gamers likely would not even have thought of doing. As her online character Yllo Tinkerpuff, she makes some weird choices that…

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Fight of the Gnomes

The gnomes aren’t out of the woods yet. Just when they think things are going well, the game AI’s go and change everything. In a race against time, Yllo and her friends need to find all the races artifacts’ to safe guard their Kingdom. The stakes are higher in her real life and her virtual…

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The hunt is on. Morgan Dumont travels to Germany after her parents are involved in an accident. Soon on arrival she finds things are not what they seem. This begins a hunt for ancient relics of power that someone went to a lot of trouble to try require. They thought as a Scientist she would…

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